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Your experience goes beyond that of your studies. Building a sense of belonging in your student community and getting the most out of what Abertay has to offer can open exciting possibilities including friendships, life skills and pathways to employment. The purpose of this module is to provide an insight into the many and varied opportunities you can create, get involved in and stand for during your time at Abertay. You will have an introduction to your Students Association who provide societies and support student voice through our representatives and the University's sports clubs, mentoring programme, Lead Voices and Enterprise initiatives. During this module, you will consider the healthy living habits you need to develop in order to support your student life. This includes managing budgets, healthy eating, and building friendships that can last a lifetime.

As part of the module you will be encouraged to 'Give it a go' and to seek out activities that interest you. In doing so, you will experience first-hand what Abertay has to offer and further embed yourself as a member of the Abertay community. The knowledge you have gained and the opportunities to experience the activities first-hand will assist in the assessment to identify suitable activities you could recommend for others.

Through engaging with this module you will develop the Personal, Active Citizen and Digital Abertay Attributes.


To showcase to students what Abertay has to offer and inform students on how they can get involved and teach students on developing healthy independent living habits such as how to manage their finances and how to cook.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student should be able to:

  1. Clearly identify the different ways to make the most of the Abertay community and Student Experience

Indicative Content

1 Student Representation

The student voice is important to both us and the University - we value your opinions, and our volunteer representatives allow us to hear it. Learn all about our Class reps, Division reps and Community reps who turn your opinions into action and how you can be a part of this. You will also be introduced to your elected Student President and Vice President who work to make decision to represent students' voice to the highest levels of the University and nationally.

2 Societies

Societies are student led and student organised groups. Find out more about societies: what they do, the committee structure, society council and the skills you can gain from being part of a society. If you do not see something you like, then you can learn how to create a society of your own.

3 Sports

Whether you are interested in competitive level or looking for a social activity there are a variety of sports clubs to join. Learn about our different sports clubs, the Sports Union, their committees and physical activities the University has to offer.

4 Healthy Living

Living independently and developing key life skills is an important element of student success at university. You will consider how to manage the cost of living through effective budgeting, eating healthily and have an awareness of the opportunities to support you in developing a healthy lifestyle.

5 Getting involved

You will become aware of the range of opportunities that are external to and within the Abertay community. These opportunities include the Abertay peer mentoring programme which connects students to other students, Bell Street Ventures which is the university's centre for enterprise who offer workshops, resources and consultation.

Teaching and Learning MethodHours
Supervised Practical Activity0
Unsupervised Practical Activity0

Guidance Notes

SCQF Level - The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework provides an indication of the complexity of award qualifications and associated learning and operates on an ascending numeric scale from Levels 1-12 with SCQF Level 10 equating to a Scottish undergraduate Honours degree.

Credit Value – The total value of SCQF credits for the module. 20 credits are the equivalent of 10 ECTS credits. A full-time student should normally register for 60 SCQF credits per semester.


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