Module details for Placement and skill development when working with children in a physical activity context


This module will give students the opportunity to lead, develop and/or support the delivery of physical activity sessions to school pupils in Dundee. Students will also have an opportunity to engage with a range of employers from the Sport and Fitness industry to gain insight into the requirements of particular roles. These experiences should enable the student to develop a career plan for future employment.


The aim of this Module is to provide the student with : an opportunity to apply and/or understand the application of theory in real world practice settings and to reflect on and articulate the development of their leadership, communication, organisation and management skills. The module will provide the student with opportunities to make a more informed choice about their future degree pathway, to determine career goals and to plan their progress toward achieving these goals

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student should be able to:

1.  Reflect on their leadership, communication, organisation and management skills; identify areas for development, and opportunities by which to do this.

2.  Deliver and/or support activity sessions for children in the community and articulate how this activity is contributing to their future career aspirations.

3.  Articulate their skills, strengths, experiences and achievements to a prospective employer.

4.  Understand the demands associated with different professions within the sport and fitness industry.

5.  Reflect on these demands in evaluating personal learning and development in the context of career planning.

Indicative Content

1 Planning and delivering activity sessions

Session planning; managing time/resources/people; working within a team; Active Schools/Positive Coaching Scotland training; physical literacy and the development of this in children, managing challenging behaviour; developing diversity competence; Growth Mindset; contemporary issues in the sport and fitness industry.

2 Personal Development Planning (PDP)

Completing SWOT analyses; personal objective/goal setting; action planning; electronic PDPs.

3 Reflective practice

Application of models of reflective practice; guided reflection to highlight learning; making theory− practice links; career planning.

4 Articulating skill development

Using electronic platforms and oral media to promote knowledge and skills to external audiences in the context of employability; careers/external speaker workshops.

Teaching and Learning Work Loads

Teaching and Learning Method Hours
Lecture 12
Tutorial/Seminar 11
Practical Activity 21
Assessment 30
Independent 126
Total 200

Guidance notes

SCQF Level - The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework provides an indication of the complexity of award qualifications and associated learning and operates on an ascending numeric scale from Levels 1-12 with SCQF Level 10 equating to a Scottish undergraduate Honours degree.

Credit Value – The total value of SCQF credits for the module. 20 credits are the equivalent of 10 ECTS credits. A full-time student should normally register for 60 SCQF credits per semester.


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