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Coaching and Learning 2


The overall purpose of this module is to build upon students’ previously developed understanding of the concepts of coaching and learning. This will be achieved by explicitly exploring coach development, education and the support of the coaching process. Students will address the issues of professionalism in education and pedagogy as well as evaluating different approaches to the development of those responsible for expertise in athletes and other learners.


The aim of this Module is to provide the student with an understanding of the professionalism and development of coaching and learning using an evidence−based approach contextualised to real world examples.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student should be able to:

1.  Evaluate the concepts of expertise within coaching and learning

2.  Apply critical theory to the environments for coaching and learning

3.  Demonstrate a critical understanding of the concepts of professionalism and personal development as they apply to coaching and learning

4.  Evaluate the infrastructures required for the development of those involved in coaching and learning

Indicative Content

1 The coach as a professional

The students will consider the expanded roles of a professional coach. They will examine the definition of professionalism and the concepts involved in the recognition of coaching as a profession

2 Coach education

Students will discuss research−led knowledge and scientific literature and the links it has to the advice and guidance given to those leading coaching and learning. This will include the dissemination of knowledge and the appropriateness of how it is presented.

3 National Governing Bodies

Students will evaluate the role NGBs play in supporting coaching and learning. The will consider the increasing professionalism of the coaching process, coach education, and scientific support.

4 Volunteer culture

Students will develop and understanding of the volunteer culture in sports coaching within the United Kingdom UK and the tensions this can create with the need for legislation, licensing, and education


Statement on Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Teaching and learning strategies focus on developing students’ skills in accordance with Abertay graduate attributes. This module particularly focuses on the aspect of the Intellectual; understanding how the subject is evolving while critically evaluating information and identifying information gaps. The aspect of Professional is also focused on; problem solving, tackling complex issues, and focused on continued learning and professional development. A significant proportion of contact time will be provided in the form of small group discussions where students will relate taught materials to real world situations, particularly those related to the management of coaching and learning, further developing employability. Assessment will focus on not just the content knowledge but on the student’s abilities to convert that knowledge into appropriate formats for different audiences, identifying key themes and controlling complexity to efficiently impart knowledge to others.

Teaching and Learning Work Loads

Total 200
Lecture 14
Tutorial/Seminar 14
Supervised Practical Activity 8
Unsupervised Practical Activity 0
Assessment 40
Independent 124

Guidance notes

Credit Value – The total value of SCQF credits for the module. 20 credits are the equivalent of 10 ECTS credits. A full-time student should normally register for 60 SCQF credits per semester.


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