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From Game Concept To Game Studio: The Dare Intensive Summer School


The Summer School is a program of lectures, workshops, seminars and master classes led both by Abertay faculty and visiting designers and artists, in parallel with the Dare to be Digital Competition. Participants will create original game ideas in experimental workshops, and then develop them in team-based projects. The rapid design and development of games has become an important method for creating inventive, original and exciting new work. Contemporary independent and small-to-medium game studios design and iterate quickly, creating many projects, followed by testing and iteration.


The aim of this module is to give students an intensive exposure to new and proven practices in game design and experimentation, by having them learn from designers, artists and developers across the spectrum of game-making, from individual independent artists to those involved in some of the industry’s largest titles. Students will also learn about the issues involved in creating a small studio, dealing with investment and funding, and publishing a game.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student should be able to:

1.  Collaborate with team members to create a game concept.

2.  Produce a game prototype as a member of a small development team.

3.  Present and reflect upon a working game prototype.

Indicative Content

1 Workshop: fix a bad game

Students learn how designers communicate with their players and what makes for a fair and enjoyable play experience.

2 Seminars in concept and prototype creation and iteration

Students learn how to produce rapid prototypes and test them.

3 Seminar in user testing

Students learn how to use playtesting to test and develop ideas and incorporate them in the iterative process.

4 Game design workshop: designers

5 Game design workshop: artists

6 Game design workshop: developers

7 Game business workshop: turning a team into a studio

Students learn from experienced studio professionals the practical aspects of turning a team into a business organization which can grow and take on new projects.

8 Game business workshops: meet the investors.

Students meet with investors who describe the stages of investment and explain best practices for growth

9 Game business workshops: meet the publishers

Students learn how to work with different types of publishers to get their games into the market and reach their audience.

Statement on Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Content will be presented by a mixture of workshops and seminars. Workshops are intensive activities design to produce concepts for development. Assessment will be by means of critique and evaluation of completed projects.

Teaching and Learning Work Loads

Total 200
Lecture 0
Tutorial/Seminar 70
Supervised Practical Activity 40
Unsupervised Practical Activity 0
Assessment 40
Independent 50

Guidance notes

Credit Value – The total value of SCQF credits for the module. 20 credits are the equivalent of 10 ECTS credits. A full-time student should normally register for 60 SCQF credits per semester.


We make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is accurate but it is possible that some changes may occur prior to the academic year of entry. The modules listed in this catalogue are offered subject to availability during academic year 2017/18 , and may be subject to change for future years.