Work Placement


BMT304/5A Work placement where students will spend a specified time in a business environment working in an area related to their programme.


The aim of this Module is to provide the student with practical work experience to gain a better understanding of the application of their studies and appropriate conduct in a professional environment. with :practical experience in a work environment relevant to their individual studies and gain an appreciation of the practical application of knowledge and skills acquired during studies within a workplace setting.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student should be able to:

1.  Demonstrate an ability to effectively participate and undertake a work placement.

2.  Evaluate their employability skills developed during the work placement;

3.  Reflect on experiences gained in the workplace environment;

4.  Investigate a current business issue or work on a project, related to their programme and report on the findings/results;

Indicative Content

1 Placement preparation

Attend placement workshops (no more than 3 x 1 hour) in semester one in order to prepare for the placement, including CV preparation. Discuss with placement tutor placement options.

2 Placement briefing

Responsibilities of all parties involved; expectations; professional conduct. of placement; requirements of professional conduct.

3 Experiential Learning

Supervised Placement carried out 1 day per week for 10 weeks(preferred structure)or 10 day block; feedback; employer assessment, student reflection on performance while on placement.

4 Placement check

Discussions will take place between the placement tutor, student and employer to ensure satisfactory progress is being made.

5 Placement presentation

Poster presentation focused on student's placement learning and employability skills development, and on learning through experience to peers and employers.

6 Business Investigation/Business project

Research within the placement organisation, a business/management issue, or participate in a workplace project and report on the findings/outcomes

Statement on Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Students must register for this module in Semester 1 of their studies to enable the module tutor to secure a suitable placement. Students must attend placement workshops (no more than 3 x 1 hour) in semester one in order to prepare for the placement. Placements are secured by the Placement tutor and may be limited. In cases where a business partner withdraws from offering a placement, or where there is a shortfall of suitable placements, students registered on the module will be required to choose an alternative option module to ensure that they can complete the credit requirements for this stage of their programme. Placements vary but the majority involve the student in aspects of team work and investigating a current management issue or working on a current project. The structure of the placement is one day per week for ten weeks but where it better suits a business partner, a two week block during the Spring vacation period (in agreement with the student) may be offered. Students must complete a minimum of 80% attendance at placement in order to be eligible for placement assessment. In the event of lower attendance the student must retake the placement module (if a suitable placement is available) at the next possible opportunity or register on an alternative module. In the event of a placement being terminated by the employer due to poor student attendance/attitude the student will receive a NS for the module and will have to retake an alternative module in the next Academic session. The student may also be subject to disciplinary process if deemed to have brought the university into disrepute.

Teaching and Learning Work Loads

Total 200
Lecture 6
Tutorial/Seminar 0
Supervised Practical Activity 80
Unsupervised Practical Activity 0
Assessment 40
Independent 74

Guidance notes

Credit Value – The total value of SCQF credits for the module. 20 credits are the equivalent of 10 ECTS credits. A full-time student should normally register for 60 SCQF credits per semester.


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